In the spring of 2016 we set the course for a significant start to the new season with our new Cosiflor collection. Now, a good year after the market launch, we can draw our first conclusions. Top or flop is the question – and top is quite definitely the answer!

Up until now, feedback from our customers has been universally positive. With our new collection, we now offer more than 414 items, 358 of which are from the field of pleated blinds and 56 from the field of honeycomb blinds. These include familiar qualities, manifold natural looks and structures as well as prints, burnout and metallic fabrics.

The high-grade crepe quality Cara is now available in a total of 112 items in 7 versions and depending on the requirements is either with or without mother of pearl coating, crushed, in a flame-retardant version or metal-look finish as a special highlight. In addition, a further 8 basic fabrics with no fewer than 126 designs make up the exclusive fabric selection.

To be able to present these fabrics to you, we took unusual measures with our quality-graded collection and were rewarded for our boldness. We staged and photographed numerous designs in deserted and lonely places. This put our fabrics in a completely different light and resulted in fascinating photos with a wow effect!

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