Sophisticated sun protection systems


Blöcker provides the licence for perfect protection against sunlight and its consequences for man and materials. Various systems and products have been developed for this, the use and production of which we entrust to our partners. No matter whether you decide in favour of Cosiflor pleated blinds, Cosiflor honeycomb blinds, Duoflor double blinds or Triflor roller venetian blinds, we deliver all the machines and tools required for production – as well as all the fabrics, rails and plastic parts of course.

“Our customers are interested in a system supplier who supports them in all their concerns, and with whom they can grow and develop. Working together in a partnership is one of the basic prerequisites for our customer relationships and forms the basis for future-oriented cooperation. Ongoing exchange with our customers allows us to respond to individual market requirements. As the licensor, we guarantee to use our enormous technical and creative know-how and promote development work at all times.

Rainer Sawitzki, Managing Director at Blöcker

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