The special feature of the window bar double blind, in addition to its user-friendly mounting method, is its small overall height. The profile shape of this model type uses the window rebate depth, resulting in an overall height of only approx. 37 mm.

Window bar double shades are produced made to measure to the respective window. Mounting is by means of side profiles which are glued to the window rebate – thus drilling becomes unnecessary, preventing a light gap at the side and allowing the profiles to be removed residue-free even years later.

The head rail of the double shade is anchored into the side rails using guide pins and glued to the window rebate. The bottom bar is inserted into the side profiles – so there is no more rattling, knocking or swinging. Thus the window bar double shade is ideal for tilt/turn windows. The top bar can be secured additional by screws if necessary.

Also available as roller blind version. Please ask for more information.

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