NEWS 10/2023

We still have exciting news in store for the last quarter of 2023. While it’s getting autumnal and dreary outside, our new collection for Duoflor® double shades and Triflor® roller venetian blinds is setting new accents.

Fresh coloursEnvironmentally friendly fabricsFlame retardant qualities!

So much variety in autumn – who would have thought it?!

NEWS 01 / R+T 2024

Are you looking for the best?

We are the market-leading system provider for custom-made pleated blind systems. As the licensor for our product brands Cosiflor® pleated blinds and honeycomb blinds, as well as Duoflor® double shades and Triflor® roller venetian blinds, we supply sun protection manufacturers with all the machines and tools required for production – as well as with fabrics, rails and plastic parts of course.

NEWS 06/2023

With Cosiflor® pleated blinds, a modern look meets sporty elegance. The delicate rail fits perfectly into pleated blinds and achieves unparalleled stability. The popular Cosiflor® VS 2 is exceptionally variable in operation and the completely closed aluminium profile is very easy to clean.

Depending on the structural conditions, preferences and requirements, the appropriate model type and the fitting method can be selected for customised Cosiflor® pleated blinds. Drilling, bonding, clamping – the Cosiflor® VS 2 model type can be mounted on almost every window and door.

NEWS 05/2023

Our range is as diverse as the demands placed on pleated blinds. Our COSIFLOR® basic quality Cara is therefore available in 6 different versions.

Cara B1
Cara Pearl B1
Cara Crush B1
Cara Crush Pearl B1
Cara as room darkening quality Lunata RD

Would you like to know in which colours the collection is available and what arguments each quality can score with? Then read our newsletter and find out exciting facts about our COSIFLOR ® pleated blind all-rounder Cara.

NEWS 01/2023

Valuable energy can be saved with Losana RD. A house loses most of its heat at the windows. Energy advisers explain: “The older the windows, the more heat gets lost. Cosiflor® honeycomb blinds have been proven to help minimise heat loss and save on energy.”. If the honeycomb blind quality Losana RD by COSIFLOR® is used correctly, the heat loss can be reduced up to 47 %!

NEWS 11/2022

Moving pictures say more than a thousand words. That’s why Blöcker has animated films made for all common models or models in need of explanation. Step by step, facts and circumstances are clearly presented and the viewer can immediately understand how the measuring, mounting or dismounting works correctly.

NEWS 10/2022

Communication with customers is increasingly digital. Therefore, we deal with the topic of digitalization in our NEWS for October 2022. Our fabric selection and the material properties for Cosiflor® pleated blinds and honeycomb blinds will be available digitally in the future. In addition, our digital brochures will be a useful supplement to their printed version in the future.

NEWS 05/2022

We welcome the new Cosiflor honeycomb blind collection!

With more than 140 fabrics – a large number available in 300 cm widths – and a stylistically confident hand in fabric selection, the new collection offers variety at the highest level. Let yourself be conquered by elegant classics, seduced by earthy natural shades and be inspired by fresh trendsetters.


NEWS 04/2022

Do you already know our solutions for the screwless installation of Cosiflor pleated blinds and honeycomb blinds? In our Blöcker NEWS April 2022 you get an overview of the possibilities for sticking and clamping!

NEWS 05/2021

How can we live a more ecologically responsible life within our own four walls? Why not start with choosing the right pleated blinds. With “EvoTex” and “ReTex”, Blöcker will be offering two new sustainable pleated blind qualities in the future.

Have we made you curious? Then take a look at our News!

NEWS 04/2021

Blöcker stands with its distinctive Cosiflor pleated system for innovation, design modernity and topicality – a reliable pleated system, which is manufactured by many well-known sun protection producers. In order to remain true to the claim, it is necessary to constantly ask questions and develop perspectives for the future.

NEWS 12/2020

Already heard? The new Duoflor Double Shades quality “Square” is right on trend with its 3D look.

Modern and stylish at the same time – this is how the new double shades fabric impresses with its unusual 3D design. The pattern remains clearly visible in transmitted light and continues discreetly in the transparent stripe. Square is offered in 3 colorways – soothing white, fresh green and modern gray.

NEWS 06/2019

DUOFLOR WINDOW BAR DOUBLE SHADE – discover the slim assembly miracle!

The special feature of the window bar double shade, in addition to its user-friendly installation, is the low installation height. The profile shape of this model type uses the rebate depth of the window, resulting in an installation height of only approx. 37 mm.

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