A double blind with a story behind it

The Duoflor double roller blinds were launched in 2005 and are still extremely popular. While originally there was one range available in 6 colours, we are now talking about more than 20 collections with more than 150 fabric positions in total. We deliver all the components and fabrics you require for the production of double blinds.

A view or privacy can be controlled easily and flexibly using Duoflor double blinds. The so-called Duoflor effect is created by adjusting the alternate transparent and more densely woven strips to coincide or alternate. Height and depth adjustment allows the ideal position to be selected so that you can let in just the right amount of light.

You can rely on our double blinds

To produce double blinds properly, numerous factors must be queried and taken into consideration. For our Duoflor system, we provide you with our sophisticated production program and corresponding production data for support. All the data such as dimensions, model type, design, type of operation, installation etc. are requested on a form.

The program uses these to prepare a production sheet with production dimensions and various additional information.

Double blind technology made easy

We would like to enable you to work efficiently, methodically, purposefully and profitably. For this reason, we provide detailed production documents such as exploded views or documentation related to production procedures. You can update your materials management and stocks using our bill of materials calculations.

To keep your back-office and field staff as well as specialist retailers up-to-date, we offer regular product training and instruct your employees in production. Personal and direct contact is particularly important for us.

You will find an overview of our models here:

Models for vertical windows

Double shade freehanging with endless chain

Double shade – freehanging, motorised

Window bar double shade – for screwless fitting on the glass

Our range of fabrics covers more than 150 versions for Duoflor double blind fabrics – transparent, semi-transparent or dim-out. We provide fabrics for a wide range of different applications.

Here is an overview of the different versions available:

We develop the rails, parts and system components required for manufacturing Cosiflor honeycomb blinds. We make great demands on our development department to ensure your sun protection systems meet all expectations in terms of effective installation, progressive design, flexible use and easy operation.

You will find a summary of all the rails and system components available in our sales programme.

You can use the blind production tools you already have for the production of Duoflor double blinds. If you do not have any blind production operations, we can put you in touch with companies who deliver tools for blind production.

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