Bremen plant


The two-city state is made up of Bremen and Bremerhaven, which is located 53 km north of Bremen, and is the eleventh largest city in Germany with a population of approximately 680,000. The river Weser flows through Bremen and opens out into the North Sea about 60 km further on.

These extremely good geographical position ensured Bremen’s great importance for large shipping companies and made it an attractive location for foreign trade. Thanks to the good transport connections via water, air and road, important industries have settled here, such as Airbus, Daimler-Benz, Arcelor Mittal as well as Hachez, Vitakrafror Mondelez International to mention but a few.

The Hanseatic city of Bremen stands for cosmopolitanism, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and trade. The city state impresses both nationally and internationally with know-how in fields such as maritime business / logistics, wind energy, automotive and aerospace technology.

The advantages of the location were a convincing argument for the Blöcker family to set up and establish their business in Bremen. The central location convinces both customers and suppliers and offers employees an attractive place to live and work.

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