Two new folding cards add pep, vibrancy and fresh breeze for the Cosiflor pleated blind collection.

In the “Colorflow” collection, Cosiflor® focuses on trendy colour gradients. A mix of colours, combined with transparent textures creates new nuances. Strong colours are reduced to more neutral tones, and light and dark contrasts gain in importance. Two print designs in two or four shades, as well as a plain transparent collection in five colours, form a harmonious palette. Inspired by the freshness of nature, this collection evokes cool serenity.

Another innovation in the form of a new black out quality in 11 colours is also added. Lunata black out impresses with an intense, yet balanced colour scheme. Modern colours combined with simple tones result in an attractive colour palette with fresh accents. The white back of the Lunata Black Out quality convinces with its very good reflection values.

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