Technical product information

Colour Selection

Colours for Rails and Plastic Components

Duoflor double shades are avaible in 6 standard colours: white, matt white, silver, brown, cream, black and anthracite.

Rails and plastic components will be delivered in following colour match:

Colour of profile: white (powder coated)
Colour of plastic componants: white

Colour of profile: matt white (pulverbeschichtet)
Colour of plastic: white

Colour of profile: silver (eloxiert)
Colour of plastic: grey

Colour of profile: brown (powder coated)
Colour of plastic: brown

Colour of profile: cream (powder coated)
Colour of plastic: cream

Colour of profile: black (powder coated)
Colour of plastic: black

Colour of profile: anthracite (powder coated)
Colour of plastic: black


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